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Bundle of Forensic Courses
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Bundle of Forensic Courses

Learn Digital Forensics Cyber-Crime Investigation, The Private Investigator & Mastering Digital Forensics with FTK Imager

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Forensic Bundle 3 Courses
Bundle of Forensic Courses

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What You Can do after this courses?

After completing a course in digital forensics and private investigation, there are several career paths that you may be able to pursue, depending on your interests and experience. Some potential job titles that you might consider include:

Digital Forensics Analyst

A digital forensics analyst is responsible for analyzing and interpreting digital data to assist in the investigation of cyber crimes or other legal cases.

Cybersecurity Specialist

A cybersecurity specialist is responsible for protecting an organization's computer systems and networks from cyber threats. They may use digital forensics techniques to identify and investigate security breaches.

Computer Forensic Investigator

A computer forensic investigator specializes in gathering, analyzing, and presenting digital evidence in legal cases.

Information Forensics Analyst

An information security analyst is responsible for planning and implementing security measures to protect an organization's computer systems and networks.

Network Security Engineer

A network security engineer is responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining an organization's network security systems.

Data Recovery Specialist

A data recovery specialist is responsible for recovering lost or corrupted data from computer systems and storage media.

Private investigator

A private investigator is hired by individuals or organizations to conduct investigations on their behalf. They may be hired to investigate criminal activity, locate missing persons, or gather evidence for legal cases.

Security specialist

A security specialist is responsible for protecting an organization's assets and employees from threats. They may use private investigation techniques to identify and investigate security breaches or other criminal activity.

Fraud investigator

A fraud investigator is responsible for identifying and investigating instances of fraud or financial misconduct.

Corporate investigator

A corporate investigator is hired by a company to conduct internal investigations into potential misconduct or wrongdoing within the organization.

Insurance investigator

An insurance investigator is responsible for investigating claims of fraud or misrepresentation made by policyholders.

Intelligence analyst

An intelligence analyst is responsible for collecting and analyzing information from a variety of sources to inform decision-making processes.

There are many other career paths that you might consider with a background in digital forensics & private investigation, depending on your interests and skills. It’s a good idea to research different job titles and industries to find a career path that aligns with your goals and strengths.


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Why to Trust Us?

Nyayik Vigyan

Nyayik Vigyan offers forensic and criminology courses, theoretical and practical video lectures, and a personalized learning dashboard that empowers learners to study at their own pace in and outside the classroom. We focus on skill mastery to help learners establish firm foundations, so there's no limit to what they can learn next!

Nyayik Vigyan Forensic App

We launched the Forensic Science App, the only app in the play store with 10k+ users that contains a lot of Forensic stuff.

Featured in Forensic Portal and Podcasts

Interview with the web-leading recognized Digital Forensics portal for Computer Forensics and eDiscovery Professionals and LinkedIn's largest Digital Forensics Group, Forensic Focus.

Large and popular online learning platform UDEMY

Digital Forensics & Cyber-Crime Investigation is the Top earning and highest-rated course on Udemy.

Afrozulla Khan

Meet Your Trainer​

Afrozulla Khan is a Founder of Nyayik Vigyan, owner of Forensic Science Application, Digital Forensic Analyst, Certified Cyber Warrior, self-taught Cyber-Crime Investigator, Researcher and has helped individuals and police officials in dealing with cyber-crime cases.

He has prior working experience in cyber-crime with qualifications as Masters in Criminology & Forensic Science.

He serves as a research paper reviewer for the International Journal of Forensic Science, Medwin Publishers.

He serves as an Editorial Board Member for the Journal of Forensic Sciences and Criminal Investigation (JFSCI), Juniper Publishers.

He is Editor-In-Chief in Nyayik Vigyan Articles of Forensic Research and Criminal Investigation (NVAFRCI) at Nyayik Vigyan Research & Publication Group.

Letter of Appreciation

Received Appreciation Letter From CID Mumbai

In a recent cyber-crime case investigation, I received an appreciation letter from the Mumbai Police

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DFCCI Single

Digital Forensics Cyber-Crime Investigation

This course is designed for digital forensics analyst, investigator, Police Officials, Students, and more! This course will show you how to manage your digital investigations, reveal hidden open-source tools, and scope of digital forensics. Gain in-demand investigation skills.

The Private Investigator

This course is designed for investigative professionals, Advocates, Private Investigators, Insurance Investigators, Police Officials, Fraud Investigators, Consulting Detectives, Students, and more! This course will show you how to manage your investigations, reveal hidden leads, and a road map to winning every case. Private Investigation and Detective courses have become a boiling trend.

Mastering Digital Forensics with FTK Imager

This course is designed for digital forensics analyst, investigator, Police Officials, Students, and more! This course will will guide users through the features and processes necessary to use FTK Imager and show you how to manage your digital investigations. Gain in-demand investigation skills.

Courses Content

1. Introduction

Digital Forensics
Process of Digital Forensics

2. Inevitability During Computer Forensics Investigation

Maintaining Integrity
Maintaining Chain of Custody
Write Blocker

3. Data Acquisition – Copying and Imaging

Installing FTK Imager
Copying and Imaging of Storage Device
Search for files and Recover Deleted Files after Acquistion

4. OS – Forensics

OS Forensics – Find Artifacts in Windows
RAM Dump
RAM Dump Analysis

5. Checking the Integrity of Files using the concept of Hash Value

Hash Value

6. Browser Forensics

Find Browser History and Other Evidences

7. Multimedia Forensics

Procedure of Creation and Detection of Steganography – With Tool
Procedure of Creation and Detection of Steganography – Without Tool
Image Forensics (Metadata)

8. Anti-Forensics Techniques and Detection

Forensics v/s Anti-Forensics
Anti-Forensics Techniques
Image Forensics (Manipulation of Metadata)


File Extensions
Website Crime Investigation
Scope of Forensic Science in India
Forensic Expert Report
Much More...

1. Introduction

Introduction to Private Investigation
Skills Needed to Become a Successful Investigator & Methods

2. Interview & Interrogation

Interview & Interrogation
Role Playing & Common Interviewing Errors
Interview Guidelines & Empathy

3. Criminal Investigation Techniques

Reading Body Language

4. Brand Protection Investigation

Brand Protection Solutions

5. Cases

V-Guard Investigation
Conducting Raid
Missing Persons Investigation
Image Forensics
Website Crime Investigation

6. The Private Detective Agencies (Regulation) Bill, 2007

Highlights of the Bill
Key Issues & Analysis of the Bill
Licensing of PDA

7. The Legality of Private Detective Agencies in India

PDA Working Strategy
Evidence Collection
Much More...

8. Road Map

Road Map To Win Every Case


1. Introduction

FTK Imager Overview

2. Requirements to Setup FTK Imager


3. Installation & Familiariization of FTK

Version Check
Installation on Windows
Installation on USB

4. FTK Imager User Interface

FTK Imager UI

5. Volatiole & Protected Data Capture

Capturing Volatile Data
Capturing RAM from a Live Machine
Capturing Windows Registry with FTK Imager

6. Forensic Image Capture

Capturing a Forensic Image
Creating a Forensic Image
Custom Content Images

7. Evidence Examination

Examining Evidence
Forensic Triage Evidence
Analyze the Master File Table (MFT)

8. Additional Learnings

Finding the File Extension Forensically

Doubt Solving Sessions

On Demand

Who can Join these course?

Working Professionals

If you are in the forensic science field and want to master the in-demand skills of digital forensics and private investigation then this course is for you. These skills will help you to get hands-on eperience and also helps in your jobs in the top MNCs, Organizations, Government and Private Agencies, and Startups you can think of.

Students & Researchers

Learn the skills of using digital tools to scale your investigation beyond your limits. Attend the course to know how to use the tools and investigation procedures that get you a high progress on your cases.


If you’re a freelancer/ investigator who wants to start your journey in forensic investigation and want to learn one of the highest paying & most in-demand skills of Digital Forensics then this course is for you. Learn how to use digital tools, investigation methods and scale forensic business.

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Digital Forensics & Cyber-Crime Investigation

The Private Investigator

Mastering Digital Forensics With FTK Imager



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Digital Forensics & Cyber-Crime Investigation

The Private Investigator

Mastering Digital Forensics With FTK Imager



THREE Courses

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Mastering Digital Forensics & Cyber-Crime Investigation skill needs not be expensive. You can get started with your Laptop/Desktop or Mobile Phone and an Internet connection.

You’ll learn about Private Investigation and Digital Forensics & Cyber-Crime Investigation from scratch. If you have no idea how to investigate cyber-crime or any other crime then in this course you will learn.

Yes, you will get lifetime free support from us and we will help you out with all your queries. We have a dedicated support system.

Well, to be very honest, you learn the Private Investigation and Digital Forensics & Cyber-Crime Investigation and then you will be job ready but we do not guarantee as it’s up to your capabilities to grab a job.

It is a completely per-recorded. But live sessions can be provided on demand.

It is a short and informative course of 8 Hours long which contains of 60+ Videos.

Not at all. All the software mentioned are fairly simple to use.

Absolutely. It is a completely hands-on workshop where you will also get notes & reference material for your future reference.

Yes! It is a Nyayik Vigyan Forensic Certified Course published on Udemy.

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Lifetime Access

10,500+ Students

92% Practical

Lifetime Access

10,500+ Students

92% Practical